Day 1, Monday:

Session 1: Personal Finance in India

  • Understanding Personal Finance

    • Importance of Financial Planning in the Indian Context

  • Budgeting & Saving

    • Household Budgeting Practices

    • Importance of Saving

  • Insurance in India

    • Types of Insurance (Life, Health)

    • Selecting Suitable Insurance Products

  • Tax Planning

    • Understanding Income Tax Slabs & Deductions

    • Tax-Saving Investment Options (Section 80C)

Session 2: Stock Investing in India

  • Introduction to Indian Stock Market

    • Overview of BSE, NSE

    • How to Invest in Stocks

  • Mutual Funds Investment

    • Types of Mutual Funds (Equity, Debt, Hybrid)

    • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

  • Fundamental Analysis

    • Understanding Balance Sheet, P&L & Cash flow

    • Understanding Financial Ratios

    • Qualitative analysis of the companies

  • Risk Management

    • Importance of Diversification

    • Risk-Reward Ratio

Session 3: Investment Portfolio Management

  • Building an Investment Portfolio

    • Principles of Asset Allocation

    • Diversification Strategy

  • Investment Vehicles

    • Fixed Deposits, PPF, NSC

    • Real Estate Investment

    • Gold as an Investment

  • Monitoring and Rebalancing

    • Reviewing Portfolio Performance

    • When and How to Rebalance

Day 2, Tuesday:

Session 1: Introduction to the World of Trading

Main Topics and Subtopics:

  • Overview of Trading:

    • Definition and Significance of Trading

    • Different Trading Styles (Day, Swing, Position)

    • Role of Traders in Financial Markets

  • Trading Products:

    • Introduction to Different Trading Products

    • Understanding Currency Trading

      • Forex Market Structure

      • Major and Minor Currency Pairs

      • Role of Forex Brokers

    • Commodity Trading Insights

      • Overview of Commodity Markets

      • Types of Commodities Traded

      • Spot vs Futures Trading in Commodities

    • Stock Trading Basics

      • Introduction to Stock Markets

      • Explanation of Equity Trading

    • Derivative Products Exploration

      • Introduction to Derivatives

      • Overview of Options and Futures

      • Explanation of Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

  • Exciting Facts about Trading:

    • Historical Trading Events

    • Notable Traders and Their Strategies

    • Impact of Trading on Global Economy

Session 2: Technical Analysis Basics for Trading

Main Topics and Subtopics:

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis:

    • Definition and Importance

    • Difference between Technical and Fundamental Analysis

  • Understanding Price Charts:

    • Types of Price Charts (Line, Bar, Candlestick)

    • Identifying Support and Resistance Levels

  • Basic Chart Patterns:

    • Overview of Chart Patterns

    • Explanation of Continuation and Reversal Patterns

  • Technical Indicators:

    • Introduction to Moving Averages

    • Understanding Volume and its Importance

    • Basics of Momentum Indicators (RSI, MACD)

  • Trend Analysis:

    • Identifying and Analyzing Market Trends

    • Explanation of Trendlines and Channels

Session 3: Advanced Technical Analysis for Trading

Main Topics and Subtopics:

  • Advanced Chart Patterns:

    • Overview of Complex Chart Patterns

    • Techniques for Trading Using Chart Patterns

  • Sophisticated Technical Indicators:

    • Explanation of Bollinger Bands

    • Overview of Fibonacci Retracement and Extensions

    • Advanced Momentum Indicators Analysis

  • Trading Strategies using Technical Analysis:

    • Developing a Trading Plan

    • Risk Management Techniques

    • Building and Testing Trading Strategies

  • Algorithmic and High-Frequency Trading:

    • Introduction to Algorithmic Trading

    • Overview of High-Frequency Trading

    • Understanding the Impact of Technological Advances on Trading